Saturday, June 19, 2010

Love Finds You in Victory Heights, WA COUNTDOWN! 11 More Days!

In honor of our July 1 book release, I'm posting a World War II fact every day.

With Father’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d talk about my dad, Jim Howard. He passed away back in 2002, receiving a veteran’s funeral for his service in WWII and the Korean War. My dad was in the Navy during WWII serving on a fuel supply ship. According to him, he was with the American fleet on the way to invade Japan when they got word that the War was over. He said there was lots of drinking and celebrating, as you can imagine. Dad wasn’t overly proud of his service, didn't talk about it much. But it was pretty awesome when the elderly soldier saluted his casket and handed my brother—also a veteran—the flag.

I sometimes think about how blessed my dad was to make it home safe from his tours of duty, so many dads didn’t. I imagine the kids who spent Father’s Days without their daddies. And how many are today?

Let’s remember those fathers who’ve sacrificed their lives for our freedom, and also the one’s serving in the hot desert while we barbecue and enjoy our families.

One way to remember our troops is to pray for them. I start by praying for those I know personally or who have relatives I know. Then I say a general prayer for all the troops. And, especially today, I'll pray for the families as well.

Another way to support the troops is to write to them. Here's a SUPER easy and free way. It literally takes less than two minutes. It's a Web site called, Let's Say Thanks

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