Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Love Finds You in Victory Heights, WA COUNTDOWN 1 More Day!!!!

Letters were a huge part of life in the War years. Just imagine the thrill of tearing open that letter from your loved one stationed abroad, knowing he's okay, learning about his life and thoughts. For a soldier, one sweet letter from his girl would remind him why he's fighting, bring a glimmer of joy. No wonder they called it V-mail. Victory Mail.

Here's an excerpt from a letter (shown above) written from a husband to his wife and new baby. Very poetic language.

1 Nov 45

My Precious Darlings;

Yes, my Darling I see you now like a far away beacon which I must reach in order to survive - so total in my eyes and mind like blindness and insanity. When we are together again we will have fun - drink and laugh - see a beautiful movie and let it take us away completely - we will joke and laugh and enjoy ourselves proper; but our dreams will once again come true, I will live within you and you within me. Our love will be rapturous and serene and you will be so beautiful to me -beauty untouched by worldly things. Only you, my beloved, in all this whole magnificent world.

News hasn't reached me yet concerning discharge or shipment. Perhaps next week, pray god. I love you both so very much.

My Love and Kisses
Herb xxo Daddy xxo

Here's the link to a hundreds of war letters. Many are more down-to-earth than this one! (And be careful, some of the ads are questionable.)

Finally, don't forget our soldiers serving today need letters too.

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  1. It's sad that we won't have this type of history to look back at in the future. We just don't save e-mails like we did real letters! And communication is so easy, we don't have to pour our hearts out in one letter that has to last for a month. Thank you so much for sharing this real history from your book and making the era come alive.