Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Love Finds You in Victory Heights, WA COUNTDOWN! 9 More Days!

Newsflash! GOVERNMENT FREEZES ALL SALES OF COFFEE! Gasp! Can you imagine? This really happened in October of 1942. Coffee addicts were hoarding their grounds, so the gov put a stop to it! Then the rationing began--1 lb. per person every 5 weeks. Oh, it was a dark time.

So what was a person to do if they couldn't get their coffee? The Black Market! Yup, organized crime began counterfeiting ration books and coupons. I suppose folks REALLY needed their coffee (I can kinda sympathize!). Another option if you NEEDED coffee was the delicious re-brewing idea. Save those grinds, you could use them for tomorrow's java. (Bluck!) Also, those who were getting married or having birthdays could always request coffee coupons for their gifts.

Hmm...I'm off to Starbucks. All this coffee talk is making me thirsty.

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