Monday, June 21, 2010

Love Finds You in Victory Heights, WA COUNTDOWN! 10 More Days!

"He's the bee's knees!" In the 1940s and earlier this (and even more bizarre phrases like it) meant "the best, most excellent." I've mostly seen these quirky terms squealed in old movies by silly girls about boys they think are cute--or bellowed by fellows: "Why, that girl's the cat's pajamas." Ha ha! I love it. Maybe we should revive these quaint old sayings. They're so much more clever than, "he's hot" or "you da man."

However, the other ones I found with the same meaning might not catch on today:

Cat's Whiskers
Flea's Knees
Cat's Meow
Eel's Ankle
Elephant's Instep
Snake's Hip
Kipper's Nippers
Sardine's Whiskers

Can't imagine calling someone, the eel's ankle. Maybe I'll stick with the bee's knees.

See you tomorrow!

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